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Prisoner Support Resources - Letter Writing + Books2Prisons

Here are some of the resources we have referred to in the course of this project!

      1. Introduction to Prisoner Letter Writing & Support - by the Detroit Anarchist Black Cross – why we do it, who we support, what to write, additional ways to support, and some local resources. Updated 10-26-21. Collated | Screen
      2. Writing to Prisoners: Frequently Asked Questions - Leeds Anarchist Black Cross / black cat factory - title says it all, very helpful brief pamphlet. Updated 2013. Link
      3. Current Political Prisoners of Black Liberation Movements - by Page One Collective - contact info + background info on political prisoners of Black Liberation Movements. Updated October 2022 - check mail regulations and that contact info is current before mailing. Collated (linked in blog)
      4. Books Thru Bars NYC’s Resource List - includes links to great zines about how to run B2P projects - Link
      5. Prison Book Program’s Directory of B2P Projects (Prison Book Network) - Link
      6. “Political Prisoners, Prisons, and Black Liberation” by Angela Y. Davis - brief article on context of political repression of Black Liberation activists - Link

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